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Stewart's executive pet courier is owned and managed by the same family as the licensed 5 star breeders Anna and Craig Stewart who have perfect Pooches.We aim to provide second to none care at affordable prices.



Second to none care!

Our mission at Stewart's executive pet courier is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each owners and pets specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we gave 15 years experience with a variation of animals in breeding, behavior, nutrition, training, grooming, microchipping and pregnancy scanning for animals, it was only natural that we would progress to developing a second to None courier service for the pets of our clients. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.



Meeting Your Needs



Always Prepared



Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

East Sussex, UK

07931715185 / 01580831744



Stewart’s executive pet courier
Our travel policy and safety measures .
The care of the animals are our priority and we intend to provide second to none care.

💧Water provided throughout the journey and bowls checked and refilled every 2 hours. 

🐶Animals checked at least every 2 hours.

🥰Every care and attention is given when opening kennel doors not to allow an animal to escape.

😤If an animal is aggressive we will expect the owners at collection and delivery to place them into the kennel and remove them.

🥩Feeds Will be given for all travel Over 4 hours long and food must be provided by the collection point, we have provisions to store raw food in transit.

🥘All bowls are disinfected after each animal

.📑We can transport the animals paperwork or bag to its delivery destination

.🗒We complete a travel log for all animals and this must be signed at collection and delivery by the customer at each end.

🚚No animals left in the van overnight.

💰All monies  must be paid for transport before collection.

🦠All animals must be healthy at collection and we cannot accept responsibility for any illness  that occurs as this is most likely present but unidentified at collection  but we are insured for any injury or loss where we are at fault.

 📄We are fully insured with PPAW and our policy number is: POAW1001370

🗂Our vehicle has business RAC cover. 

📂Our vehicle is fully insured, roadworthy and has a valid MOT and is serviced regularly.

📋Our vehicle and kennels comply with animal welfare standards.

📍We have air-conditioning, natural air vets and lighting in our kennel area.

💦In the kennels we use plastic wipe clean beds, washable soft bedding in the beds and shredded hygienic dust free throw away tea bag bedding in the kennel for soiling, this will be checked and cleaned as needed every 2 hours.

🧼All material bedding is washed after each use.

🚿All kennels and plastic beds are disinfected with a DEFRA approved cleaner  after each animal.

🐾All drivers have basic training for handling the animals and providing care.

📄Us the owners of Stewart's executive pet courier ( Anna and Craig Stewart) have extensive experience and training with various companion animals but we specialize in dogs, including with our sister company Perfect Pooches where we hold a 5 star 🌟 breeding licence and have held a breeding licence for 12 years, licensed microchippers, trained in dog psychology, animal management, dog grooming and dog pregnancy scanning and we are members of the pet welfare Alliance.

🖋We are DEFRA applied for type 1 travel.

Our drivers:Anna stewart, Craig Stewart, Wayne Nicholls, Darren Barden 

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Please leave us a honest review on google/yell or our Fb page 

📍Once you have read this please message/email us back to confirm you are happy and agree with our policy.

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Stewart’s executive pet courier;

New house farm house

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East Sussex


 07931715185 / 01580 831744

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Our Fb page

Welcome to Stewart's executive pet courier and thanks for visiting. This is our policies, procedures and basic break down of our service.


07931715185 / 01580831744

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